Office 2007 SP2 BLACK EDITION v2

Office 2007 SP2 BLACK EDITION v2 | 701 MB

Office 2007 BLACK EDITION is an ongoing project to make Office 2007 more compatible and easier to use. It supports almost every office document format including Open Office and Google Docs formats. This release jumps to version 2, due to the UAC elevation that I've kicked around for months. Vista and 7 users can now install from any account and from any UAC level. You will only be asked once to allow ob_install.exe to run; the rest of the script executes perfectly even with UAC on full blast. Post SP2 updates were removed; they took to damn long to install and I wanted to keep the package at ~700 MB. The classic menu not registered bug is also fixed now, sorry to everyone that d/led 1.7.

-Enterprise edition pre-activated from an admin install point.
- Suitable for XP, Vista, 7 - x86 or x64 (
-SP2 included and installs automatically.
-Classic Menus for Office 2007(uninstallable), because let’s face it, ribbons are difficult to navigate.
-Black theme and other registry tweaks applied.
-Pre-installed add-ins for productivity.
-Updates without problem, and PASSES OGA VALIDATION, so templates or addins can be ownloaded without hassle.

- Access
- Excel
- Groove
- InfoPath
- OneNote
- Outlook
- PowerPoint
- Publisher
- Visio Viewer
- Word

- Classic Menus for Office
- Office Live Beta
- OffiSync (Google Docs Support)
- ODF Addin for Office (Open Office Format Support)

Filetypes Supported:
- All MS formats
- All Google Docs formats
- All Open Office Formats
- Can save as XPS or PDF

Install notes:
VISTA AND 7 USERS: you will be prompted to allow "ob_install.exe" to run, if you have UAC turned on.
Office 2007 is customizable, install what ever components you like.
The "Applying Updates" takes awhile, please be paitent.
Add-ins are installed after office, please give it a few minutes to install them.
Add-ins will download some files (hotfixes for OS platforms, .Net updates if needed).
If prompted to reboot, choose "No" and wait 2 minutes, then reboot.

Changelog for v2:
- All UAC issues solved, this can be run with UAC on now.
- Post SP2 updates removed; took to long to install.
- Fixed Classic Menus not registered bug from 1.7.

Changelog for 1.7:
- All critical and important Office 2007 updates added (to 9/13). Updated help files are not included.
- Office Live updated to 1.4 (Still shows up as an update though).
- Classic Menus updated to 4.5
- OffiSync updated to
- ODF addin updated to 3.0.4264
- New icon.
- Reminder window for "Run as Administrator" added.

Changelog for 1.6:
- Switched to 7zip sfx: Better compression and faster extraction. Added extraction progress bar.
- Updated OGA script for better x64 support.
- Default Word file save type is .doc instead of .docx now.
- Added OffiSync addin for Google Docs support.
- Added Odf Addin for Open Office formats support.
- Removed Math addin; It was fairly useless.

Changelog for 1.5:
- Updated to Service Pack 2
- Removed Save as XPS or PDF addin; it is included in SP2

Changelog for 1.4:
- Completely overhauled OGA. Fixed bug for users who had office previously installed. Updated to OGA v1.7.
- Added Office Live Beta. Vista, 2008, and 7 users will have to install certain hotfixes for their respective systems, but these will be downloaded automatically during install. Internet connection required.

Changelog for 1.3:
-Made installiation customizable. Hit the custom button and install whatever you need, instead of the whole Enterprise package.
-Removed setup completeion notification.
-Added two new add-ins: Save as PDF or XPS and Office Math.
-Moved extracted files back to %temp%.

Changelog for 1.2:
- The first version updated fine, but did not pass OGA validation. This release does pass.
- Small bug was found that caused the installer to extract its contents twice to the temp folder, taking twice as long to extract and twice as much space, hence most of the "it's not installing" complaints.

Download here: part1 | part2 | part3 | part4 | part5
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