The Jerk Theory (2009)

Adam (Josh Henderson) is the typical nice guy. He does everything for his girlfriend Cynthia, but she doesnt appreciate it, and she kicks him to the curb for the school jerk, Marc Dixon. Lesser men would give in to their pain and self-pity, but not Adam. He decides that since girls dont want the nice guy, hell be the jerk. It works like a charm with all sorts of girls.

Molly (Jenna Dewan) is done dating jerks, and she dumps the very tool that sold Adams girl the year before. Adam sets out to score with the girl who dumped his sworn enemy. He now has women all figured out, but Molly wants nothing to do with him and his theory.

Adam will have to reincarnate the nice guy if he wants any shot with Molly, but the transition may only lead to heartache once again.

Download here: part1 | part2 | part3 | part4
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