Tracing Shadow (2009) DVDRip XviD

Five kung-fu masters from different regions are fighting ruthlessly for a mysterious treasure map inside the Ming Palace; while they are all tangled in wild combat, the precious map unexpectedly disappears. A young couple lives in a small village with their adopted daughter.On the surface,

they run a small bed and breakfast that serves tourists passing through, in truth, they are two of the kung-fu masters who had fought vigorously for the treasure map years ago. One day, their wealthy landlord obliviously reveals to the whole village that he possess a treasure map. What was once deemed lost, resurfaces again, and a competitive search of the treasure thus begins, with a chain of adventurous events changing what was once a small ordinary town.

Download here: part1 | part2 | part3 | part4 | part5 | part6 | part7
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