Let’s Dance (2009)

Suhani (Gayatri Patel) is a passionate young dancer, who has dreamt of being a star for her entire life. She lives with her best friend Anoushka (Sugandha Garg) and teaches dance at a rented hall owned by Sharmaji (Anjan Srivastav). Meanwhile, fourteen year old street kid Aftab (Abhaas Yadav), also a gifted dancer, has never dreamt of being anything in life.

While Suhani can see nothing beyond starring in a music video, Aftab cannot see beyond spending his life on the mean streets of Mumbai with a gang of kids, including his brother Ali (Nikuunj Padaya) and closest friend Kallu (Paras Arora). Suhani is moved by the talent these street kids possess and wants the world to give them their due.

Enter Neil (Ajay Chaudhary), who not only falls head-over-heels in love with Suhani but also decides to help her realise her dreams of becoming a dancing star. The only thing that’s stopping Neil from winning her love is popular video director Rehaan Jones aka RJ, who is more determined to make Suhani the next superstar.

Download here: part1 | part2 | part3 | part4 | part5 | part6 | part7
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