G Data TotalCare™ 2010

G Data TotalCare™ 2010 | 273 MB Top security with no loss of PC performance!
A new era is beginning: For the first time, the usual optimum high security from
G Data TotalCare is completely undetectable. Self-learning fingerprinting
and whitelisting accelerate the test-winning protection so that PC performance
remains completely unaffected. Maximum security from the record test winner:
* Constant optimum virus detection
* For many years the quickest response time to new viruses
* The latest methods for detecting unknown viruses (behaviour blocking, heuristics, cloud security)

Simple user guidance - ideal for beginners:
* With new “one click” user interfaces - everything at a glance
* Automatically carries out all protection functions undetected in the background
* Silent firewall without annoying querying

Download here: part1 | part2 | part3
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