Christina Yao: Empire of Silver (2009)

Empire of Silver is a financial drama, adapted from a famous trilogy of novels dramatising the history of the ‘Chinese Wall Street’, the banking houses in Shanxi province that controlled much of the empire’s cashflow at the end of the nineteenth century.Based on historical events, a saga of China’s ‘Wall Street’ over a century ago. A young man must decide whether to follow his father’s path or find his own when he is obligated to assume the role of heir to a banking empire.

The film covers a period from the turn of the century up to the beginnings of the nationalist revolution a little over a decade later. Financial and political intrigue, religion, soul-searching and forbidden love all get a piece of a wildly ambitious narrative any filmmaker would struggle to do justice to in a scant one hundred minutes; Empire is Taiwanese director Christina Yao’s debut and for all her obvious devotion to the material (she also co-wrote the screenplay) her inexperience is painfully apparent.

Download here: part1 | part2 | part3 | part4
                         part5 | part6 | part7 | part8
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