YouTube Increaser 3.0 Music

YouTube Increaser is the #1 software for increasing YouTube movie views! There is no need for long and frustrating hours of promoting your movies. Get famous by increasing your video views! The opportunities are endless! Increase your views and get more comments, honors, subscriptions AND much more

Tube Increaser simply uses proxies to create a unique number of views, and therefore increases YouTube video views to as many as you wish.

We see Tube increaser as the answer for all musicans, comedians and gurus seeking to get that well needed exposure. The advantage of using Tube Increaser is that not only will you have high video views, but it will also result in many successful results: honors, more comments, increased number of subscriptions, most viewed and the list goes on!

The number of your YouTube video views is so important because of the ranking YouTube has. YouTube search ranks videos according to how many views a YouTube user has. In other words the more views you have, the more exposure you will get over the other videos that have the same keywords and content. Another important aspect of video marketing is google search. If your YouTube video views have high views, your google ranking of the specific video will increase!

By having sufficient youtube video views daily, you can now compete with big time YouTube celebrities. This is an important part of creating more exposure for yourself being able to be seen with high views and highly ranked is one of the key components of becoming successful on YouTube!

Tube Increaser basic functions:

1. Views – Enter your YouTube video URL
2. Delay – Amount of seconds of delay for each view completed. (Optional)
3. Threads – Minimum: 1, Maximum: 50, Recommended: 25
4. Timeout – Recommended: 30
5. Hits – Amount of views want applied on your YouTube video
6. Use Proxy – Tick proxy and Load List to upload proxy list
7. Get Views – Reads the video to visit: Will appear with stats.
8. Instructions – Scroll down for daily proxy list
9. Start – Starts increasing your YouTube video views.

Download here: single file or single file
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